Some of the top real estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand use Box+Dice to power their success.

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Scale and Grow Your Business

Learn about the top features that make the Box+Dice platform so powerful and easy to use.

Learn five strategies for using your CRM to streamline and scale your business, increase performance, reduce conflict and take control of both your business and your brand.

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Real Estate


Connect and stay connected with your contacts

Use your CRM to be the agent people call when they have a house to sell.

Real Estate


Get the best from your business and your people

Use your CRM to scale and manage your business by centralising all your systems.

Real Estate


Stay on top of your entire office network

Leverage your network database and expand your network efficiently.

Tools for every step of your

real estate business journey

Use Box+Dice to build your database of contacts, nurture your relationships and manage your appraisals; as well as conduct every step of a transaction. For agencies, Box+Dice also comes with powerful business operation features, along with our industry-leading accounting module. And for both agents and agencies, Box+Dice provides clear and actionable metrics to improve performance and monitor your business. Franchise networks benefit from advanced reporting and a clear view of their entire network to help drive market penetration.

CRM & Appraisals
  • Mapping & Prospecting
  • Task Templates
  • Contact Ranking
  • Matched Buyers Report
  • Buyer Matching
  • E-Alerts
  • Blast Email
  • SMS Marketing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Data Management
  • Adjustable Data
  • Views Compliance
  • Website Integration
  • Portal Loading
  • Price Schedules
  • Media Vendor Integration
  • Advertising Accounting
  • Trust Accounting
  • Commissions Accounting
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Performance Dashboard
  • GCI & Past Transactions
  • Sales Cycle Metrics
  • Appraisal Pipeline
Buyers & Sellers
  • Agent App
  • Lead Capture
  • Buyer Leads
  • Vendor Reports

What our customers

Say about Box+Dice

Holly Longmuir
RT Edgar
Tim Heavyside
Nathan Jones

"Box+Dice is my central platform for everything. I mean everything,"

"You have full autonomy to say whatever you want, that's how much we swear by Box+Dice."

"The capacity of the Box+Dice platform to seamlessly and intuitively handle our open database structure has been key to our success."

Holly took over an RT Edgar franchise with a small 11% market share in an area where a major industry heavyweight dominated. Holly used Box+Dice to grow her business so that she now dominates her region with consistent 60 to 70% market share.

Tim Heavyside came to us looking for a system that could give him and his team an easy and fast way to handle a lot of information from different channels and stay in touch with their clients. Tim and his team used Box+Dice to consistently collect, manage and engage with their audience at the highest level. As a result, he regularly appears on the national best of best lists.

We have partnered with Nathan Jones and the team at Buxton for nearly a decade. Nathan first came to use looking for a fully integrated ERP and CRM solution for his agents. We were able to provide a scalable solution for his agency, and intuatively handle an open database structure to ensure clarity from executive team down across the entire organisation.

What makes

Box+Dice different?

Solving Problems For

Real Estate Professionals

By Serving as your centralised CRM, transaction hub and plugging into a number of essential applications, Box+Dice is your single source of truth for any transaction in your system. The result is the most powerful, most innovative, and easiest-to-use real estate CRM in Australia and New Zealand.

Designed For Any Size

of Real Estate Business

Box+Dice has been designed to help clients at every level. Whether you're a single agent, work with a partner, have an office of twenty people or manage an office group of a large network of offices - Box+Dice has the features you need to get the most out of your business and your people.

Powerful, Cutting-Edge


The Box+Dice front end is built using the same agile, cutting-edge technology that global tech giants use. This allows us to roll out new updates, features and upgrades on a regular basis, while ensuring the security of all customer data. It makes our system lightning fast even when handling extensive databases.

Wide Range of

Flexible Integrations

Flexible integration is the foundation of what makes Box+Dice so powerful and ensures that Box+Dice will always work with the new tools that come on the market. By serving as your centralised CRM and transaction hub and plugging into a number of essential applications, Box+Dice is your single source of truth for any transaction in your company.


Security & Protection

Box+Dice has the industry's most secure platform with a grade 'A' protection rating. Our security features include advanced security protocols that ensure that only authenticated, authorised users and accounts can access PII information. Single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication; staff access levels; and further security measures ensure your database security is always top priority.

Dedicated Training and

Support Center

To make sure you get the most out of the Box+Dice platform, we have a comprehensive training and support system in place. This includes the Box+Dice training academy, advanced and specialised face-to-face training, regular live webinars, support articles, knowledge base, phone, chat and email support.

Long Track-record

of innovation

We have consistently brought out new features, modules, platform upgrades or new tools to help real estate agencies get the most out of their businesses so that our platform is always at the forefront of the real estate industry. The fact that some of our clients have been with us since we started speaks volumes about what we do for our clients and what we can do for you.

What our customers

Say about Box+Dice

Nick West
Nelson Alexander
Mathew Scafidi
Jellis Craig
Benjamin Dax

"Our whole philosophy is based on connectivity Box+Dice is our platform for that."

"Box+Dice saves me time which frees me up to list & sell!"

"The Box+Dice platform has made our database more streamlined and easier to manage"

Nelson Alexander have been using Box+Dice for over a decade. Nick West has this to say: "We use Box+Dice to seamlessly monitor and connect with our clients. Our people have all the information right in front of them. Box+Dice makes all that data easy to access and use to build relationships so that when they’re ready to sell, they say, 'This is the person I should call!'

“When dealing with a large database it’s really important that I’m able to stay in contact with all my clients. Being able to sort my database into categories, such as immediate sellers, has really improved my pipeline.”

With an improved search engine, we’ve been able to pinpoint buyers and facilitate off-market transactions quicker and easier than ever. Being able to show Vendors how many buyers we have qualified for their property type has been invaluable. Plus, Box+Dice allows us to utilise information on the go via their app or on the website. Data entry is easy and specific to our needs. This is why Box+Dice is the perfect fit for us.

Your entire CRM

in the palm of your hand

Use Box+Dice’s intuitive Agent App to check in buyers at opens, collect buying criteria, make calls, send SMSs or emails manage your buyer leads, send vendor reports, manage your tasks, book appointments, and manage appraisals. You even have your entire stocklist on hand to show prospective buyers or potential vendors similar properties you’ve sold recently.

Find out

what we can do for you.

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Moving to Box+Dice is

as easy as 1, 2, 3

We understand that the thought of migrating your data to a new system can be intimidating and overwhelming. Clients are often afraid that it’s a complex and painful process that will interrupt their business and cause them to lose data. To make sure the entire process is pain-free for everyone involved, we have a well-established framework in place to reduce any business interuptions.

Data handover

Provide your full data extract from your source CRM provider to your dedicated onboarding manager.


Go to sleep

Once we receive the data files from your current provider, we’ll migrate your data to your new Box+Dice system within 24 hours.


Get to work

Once your data is loaded the next morning, you’re ready to get started with your new Box+Dice system.

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