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With the best real estate CRM and transaction
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The top real estate agencies in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands trust us to accelerate their business growth.
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Introducing our new platform
Box+Dice Align
15 years of sweat, toil and client requests in the making.
  • New user Interface
  • Contact Ranking
  • Transaction Panel
  • Buyer Matching
  • Buyer Lead Screen
  • Appraisal Pipeline
  • Elastic Search
  • Quick Search
  • Lead Capture
  • React Tech
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Focus on income-producing
Take full control of your real
estate business.
Top real estate agents in Australia and New Zealand who uses Box+Dice.
The top real estate agencies in Australia and New Zealand use Box+Dice to help them take full control of their businesses
Manage and grow your real estate
business without friction or frustration.
  • Transaction Manager

  • Single Property View
  • Accounting
  • View Complete Property Lifecycle
  • Manage & View Transactions
  • Manage Commissions
  • Create Commission & Consultant Statements
  • Establish Workflows & Policies
  • Manage Trust Accounting & Advertising Expenses
  • Manage Buyers & Send Vendor Reports
  • Negotiate Offers & Prepare Contracts
Box+Dice property transaction panel with real estate agency owner opening new branch in front of rows of sold houses
Box+Dice contact dashboard with real estate agent meeting seller in front of her home for an appraisal.
Prospect without prospecting,
to find better deals faster.
  • Smart CRM
  • Task & Appointment Manager
  • Appraisal Manager
  • Create Task Templates
  • View Actionable Task-to-sale Metrics
  • Set Up Workflows
  • Set Up Automated Call Reminders
  • Create On-the-Go Call Lists
  • Register Buyers & Tenants
  • Delegate or Snooze Tasks
  • Aggregate & Rank Appraisals
Stay on top of your business.
  • Single Customer View
  • Data & Report Manager
  • Compliance
  • View Complete Customer Life Cycle
  • Collect & Access Live, Cloud-based Customer Data
  • Work With a Unified Database
  • Create Stock Lists
  • Create Best Practices & Procedures
  • Create Management & Accounting Reports
  • Integrate Business Intelligence
Box+Dice contact panel with real estate agency owner standing on top of a rising bar graph.
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  • Add, View and Manage Contacts
  • Manage Tasks and Appointments
  • Add Appraisals and Property Info
  • Add Buyer Info
  • Send Vendor Reports
  • Manage Offers
Property transaction panel of Box+Dice’s popular Agent App.
How we help you get the best
from your real estate business.
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An obsessive focus on powerful engineering and innovation.
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An intuitive, user-first development and design approach.
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A relentless dedication to creating smart solutions that are always a step ahead.
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15-years of experience creating industry-leading real estate software.
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Consistent and continual growth throughout Australia and New Zealand.
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