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Happy real estate agent drives convertible down street lined with houses sold by his agency.
There are two truths about being a real estate agent. The first is that your contacts are your lifeblood. The second is that to make money, you need to make deals. Good deals. And the faster you can find and make those good deals, the more money you make, the more freedom you have to grow.

To do that, you need to:
Not only connect with potential sellers but stay connected with them by making the three essential calls: 5th Anniversary, How’s Things? and Database Clean-up.
Focus on every step of the customer cycle starting with using tasks to nurture your contacts and then turning your contacts into appraisals, your appraisals into listings and, finally, your listings into sales.
Focus on the parts that you do best - winning listings, managing buyers and sellers, and negotiating and closing deals – without getting weighed down by administrative tasks.
Offer value to your customers by cultivating a large off-market community of buyers you can tap into at will.
Be out in the field meeting people and collecting and storing buyer info, not stuck on your laptop or in the office, collecting and storing buyer info.
We designed Box+Dice to help you do exactly that, with a focus on solving the five main problem areas real estate agents face.
Connect and stay connected to ensure you win more listings.
Losing a listing always hurts. That’s why Box+Dice’s industry leading CRM makes it easier than ever to stay connected with your contacts using our Alerts, Task Templates and Duplicate Checking features to help you make the three calls that are essential to finding more deals: 5th Anniversary call, How’s Things? call and Database Clean-up call. It’s like prospecting without even prospecting. So you can secure more appraisals and win more listings.
Sales cycle metrics
Dominate the sales cycle every step of the way.
To close more deals, you need more listings. To get more listings, you need more appraisals. To get more appraisals, you need to convert your contacts from static, cold data into dynamic, warm contacts ready to do business with you. To help you master every step of the sales cycle, Box+Dice gives you the clear task-to-sale metrics you need to identify where you need to improve to optimise and increase your sales.
Integrated Transaction
Do what you do best while your admin handles the rest.
Once you’ve won a listing, you need a strong back-office to support you by administering it and handling the settlement process, so you can focus on finding and managing buyers, managing the seller, negotiating offers and preparing the contract. Box+Dice’s single, centralised, easy-to-use platform lets you and your support staff easily share and access essential information so you can find the right buyer and close the deal faster while your staff handles the rest.
Added value
Off-Market Community
Increase your value by closing deals before they go to market.
Winning real estate listings doesn’t just take good sales skills - you need a competitive edge. Box+Dice gives you that edge by helping you sell to an off- market community using a database of qualified buyers and sellers, compiling matching buyers lists, auto-notifying targeted buyers with custom content, and more. This all increases your value to customers and differentiates you from your competition.
Mobile agent app
Keep your business in the palm of your hand.
As a real estate agent, your business is out in the field, nurturing contacts and closing deals, not in front of your laptop. That’s why our agent app makes it easy to take your business with you wherever you go by adding and accessing contacts, adding and managing buyers, sending vendor reports, managing offers, adding appraisals and more – all from the palm of your hand. So you can spend more time on making deals and less time on your laptop.
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