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To national real estate networks
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Your every deal
With the best real estate CRM and transaction
management platform in Australia & New Zealand.
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The top real estate agencies in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands trust us to accelerate their business growth.
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Box+Dice is an all-in-one CRM and
transaction management platform
designed by real estate agents for real
estate agents in Australia and New Zealand.
Focus on deals, while your admin
handles the rest, all in one system.
  • Transaction Manager

  • Single Property View
  • Accounting
  • View Complete Property Lifecycle
  • Manage & View Transactions
  • Manage Commissions
  • Create Commission & Consultant Statements
  • Establish Workflows & Policies
  • Manage Trust Accounting & Advertising Expenses
  • Manage Buyers & Send Vendor Reports
  • Negotiate Offers & Prepare Contracts
Box+Dice property transaction panel with real estate agency owner opening new branch in front of rows of sold houses
Box+Dice contact dashboard with real estate agent meeting seller in front of her home for an appraisal.
Prospect without prospecting
to find better deals faster.
  • Smart CRM
  • Task & Appointment Manager
  • Appraisal Manager
  • Create Task Templates
  • View Actionable Task-to-sale Metrics
  • Set Up Workflows
  • Set Up Automated Call Reminders
  • Create On-the-Go Call Lists
  • Register Buyers & Tenants
  • Delegate or Snooze Tasks
  • Aggregate & Rank Appraisals
Stay on top of your business.
  • Single Customer View
  • Data & Report Manager
  • Compliance
  • View Complete Customer Life Cycle
  • Collect & Access Live, Cloud-based Customer Data
  • Work With a Unified Database
  • Create Stock Lists
  • Create Best Practices & Procedures
  • Create Management & Accounting Reports
  • Integrate Business Intelligence
Box+Dice contact panel with real estate agency owner standing on top of a rising bar graph.
5 ways Box+Dice helps
you grow your business.
As an owner, director or partner of a real estate business – whether it’s a single office, a local or regional office group or a national network – you face five obstacles to higher profits and faster growth.
Not only connect with potential sellers but stay connected with them by making the three essential calls: 5th Anniversary, How’s Things? and Database Clean-up.
Focus on every step of the customer cycle starting with using tasks to nurture your contacts and then turning your contacts into appraisals, your appraisals into listings and, finally, your listings into sales.
Focus on the parts that you do best - winning listings, managing buyers and sellers, and negotiating and closing deals – without getting weighed down by administrative tasks.
Offer value to your customers by cultivating a large off-market community of buyers you can tap into at will.
Be out in the field meeting people and collecting and storing buyer info, not stuck on your laptop or in the office, collecting and storing buyer info.
We designed Box+Dice to help you do exactly that, with a focus on solving the five main problem areas real estate agents face.
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Single Centralised
Save time, reduce costs and efficiently scale your business at speed.
Managing your real estate business across multiple disconnected systems will eventually grind it to a halt. That’s why Box+Dice offers a single, centralised platform that lets you manage your tasks, contacts and calendar, administer transactions, handle accounting, collect and integrate data and create reports all from one place. So you can manage and scale your business without friction or frustration.
Infographic showing how Box+Dice places different real estate agency systems into one central system. PORTAL LOADING TRUST ACCOUNTING CONSULTANT CRMs PROPERTY MANAGEMENT REPORTS WEBSITES COMMISSIONS & PAYROLL
Sales Cycle Metrics
Infographic showing how Box+Dice helps real estate agents convert Tasks to Contacts to Appraisals to Listings to Sales. TASKS CONTACTS APPRAISALS LISTINGS SALES
Help your agents dominate the sales cycle.
Your real estate business lives and dies by how well your agents do their job. That’s why Box+Dice gives you the easy-to-use tools and actionable metrics you need to make sure they’re using tasks to nurture contacts and are turning contacts into appraisals, appraisals into listings and listings into sales. So you can be sure your consultants are performing at their best.
Single Source
of Truth
Eliminate conflict and get all your agents working toward the same goal.
When your people work against each other, it’s your business that suffers. But by collecting all your transaction-related data into a single, verifiable and transparent record, you create a single source of truth that lets you create consistent and enforceable policies, define clear roles and align your culture in such a way as to provide the type of leadership that drives a motivated team toward reliable growth.
Infographic showing how Box+Dice collects essential real estate sales data and turns it into the basis for agency growth. CONTACT APPRAISAL LISTING SALE COMMISSON POLICIES ROLES CULTURE LEADERSHIP GROWTH
Scalable Brand Value
Infographic showing how Box+Dice helps real estate agencies use its platform to place value in the agency brand. BRAND PEOPLE PROCESSES POLICIES PLATFORM
Ensure the current and future value and quality of your business.
The value of your real estate business rests in your data. Without it, you’re left blowing in the breeze. That’s why Box+Dice makes it easy to collect, analyse and exploit the essential data you need to establish and enforce the policies and processes that form the basis of a scalable sales system and, ultimately, a scalable sales team. The result is shifting the value of your business from individual agents to your brand as a whole, ensuring both the quality and value, now and in the future.
Customer Experience
Single Customer View
Deliver a consistent customer experience, no matter who your customers deal with.
Without shared, up-to-date customer info, your agents are working deaf, dumb and blind when dealing with your customers. To solve this, Box+Dice gives you a single customer view with live data access, unified, cloud-based databases, on-the-go tools, and more. So you can be sure your people always have the essential information they need to make your customers feel truly valued.
Infographic showing how Box+Dice collects data from different customer touch points to create a single customer view. PROPERTY VIEWING WEBSITE ENQUIRY AGENT APP SEARCH PORTALS BRANCH O F F ICE PHONE ENQUIRY
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