Top Features

Box+Dice comes with tools and features for every step of the real estate business cycle by centralising all the core CRM, marketing, sales, transaction, settlement and accounting tools into a single platform with complete visibility and intra-platform interoperability.

Agent App

Stay on top of your contacts in real time.

Use the Agent App to make calls, send SMS or emails directly from the contact screen, manage your buyer leads, send vendor reports, manage your tasks and calendar, add and manage appraisals, as well as collect contact details and buyer criteria.

Appraisal Management

Win more listings through better management

Our appraisal management features let you match buyers to properties according to buying criteria, present sellers with lists of matched buyers at listing presentations, automatically add matched buyers to appraisals and more.

Appraisal Pipeline

Forecast your earnings months ahead.

Our Appraisal Pipeline lets you input the expected close date and expected commission along with the likelihood of getting the listing, and then plots your expected future commissions for the next 12 months.

Blast Email

Engage your contacts.

Our Blast Email tool centralises all listing details, OFIs, property images and ad copy – just click to add properties, custom content and more. All on a branded template for a consistent brand experience.

Buyer Management

Close sales faster.

Our Buyer Management tools let you manage your buyers not just efficiently but also effectively, including our Buyer Leads screen, Lead Capture feature and advanced Vendor Reports.

Buyer Matching

Find buyers faster.

Our Buyer Matching screen lets you enter buyer criteria and match buyers to listings in real time as you’re entering the criteria, then email listings instantly to the matched buyers.

Contact Management

See everything you need to know about a contact.

Our Contact Management functionality records every contact’s relationship with a property and includes their listing interests and interest level, the consultant for the listing, dates and amount offered, so you have all the information you need to help land a listing.

Contact Ranking

Always know who to call next.

Our unique Dynamic Contact Ranking technology, analyses and assesses the status and behavior of your contacts and then ranks which of your contacts are most likely to present an opportunity.


Get the big picture, at a glance.

All your performance data, commissions and earnings forecasts centralised on a single screen. View Dashboards for individual consultants, teams of consultants, entire offices or network groups.

Task Templates

Follow a system for success.

Task templates are set tasks that you know work, like sending reports, sending emails, making follow-up calls, sending a gift and so on. If you follow the tasks you set up and do the work you’re guaranteed results.

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Stand-out Features

Buyer Leads Screen

Capitalise on your leads.

Our Buyer Lead screen is our oldest and most-used screen, now lightning fast to access and call through your buyers. Plus, we’ve added new vendor reports.

Elastic Search

No more waiting for results.

Our hyper-fast Elastic Search function lets you apply flexible and complex filters, then instantly precalculates your search results and delivers results in mili-seconds.

Lead Capture

Never miss a lead again.

Our Lead Capture feature, captures leads directly from web portals and adds them automatically to the Buyer Leads Screen, saving you extra steps and heaps of valuable time.


Prospecting made easy.

The Mapping tool lets you filter properties according to the area you define on the map and other criteria such as ‘Owner Known’. You can then work through the results and add notes to your Contacts.

Quick Search

Find what you need, fast.

Our Quick Search feature instantly shows you all quick results grouped by Contacts, Properties and Transactions while reducing duplicates, so you get to what you want to find faster.

Transaction Panel

Never be left in the dark again.

Our proprietary Transaction Panel, shows you a a property's history to see when it’s been sold, rented, sold again for how much and to whom and, depending on your settings, who handled which deals and who got the commissions.

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features for agents and agencies.

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Advertising Accounting

Keep your expenses under your control.

Get complete control over expenses, discounts, suppliers, items and prices, all from a single, centralised place. Generate a price schedules, manage discounts, reconcile bills and more.

Commission Accounting

Make commission time simple and easy.

Automatically deduct discounts and overspends from gross commissions, apply deductions right in the sales voucher, store default commission structures, set commission targets and more.

Trust Accounting

Save time and ensure you’re always compliant.

Generate draft settlement statements, reconcile bank statements, improve cash-flow with pending transactions, and ensure trust compliance with a full suite of control and reporting features.

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