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Flexible integration is the foundation of what makes Box+Dice so powerful and ensures that Box+Dice will always work with new tools that come on the market. By serving as your centralised CRM, transaction hub and plugging into any number of essential applications, Box+Dice is your single source of truth for any transaction in your company.

Our Integration Solutions

We offer a wide range of integration solutions to help you control and centralise all your business data and functions.

Media Vendor Integrations
Sort name: avenda
Manage your brand and your campaigns.

Integrate Box+Dice with Advenda Pro to manage your print and digital campaigns for your properties and yourself. Advenda Pro lets you stay on top of your approvals and marketing spend while also letting you control your advertising distribution.

Sort name: campaigntrack
Everything you need to market your properties.

CampaignTrack is all-in-one marketing platform that connects your digital, social, print, signage and content in one place. Integrate Box+Dice with CampaignTrack to streamline your creative assets, create artwork and content, manage your media orders and distribution and more.

Sort name: realhub
More services in one place.

Connect Box+Dice to realhub to choose from any real estate supplier, across every marketing product so you get all your media in one place, including newspaper, services, social media, video, web, print, photography and agent marketing.

Sort name: red hq
Make your daily work easy.

Use RedHQ and Box+Dice to manage your brand and customers with branded templates, complete reporting and statistics, a central asset repository, centralised EDM management, wide social media integration, and more.

Standard Integrations
Sort name: activepipe
Improve the quality of your leads.

Connect ActivePipe to Box+Dice effortlessly automate tailored emails, nurture your prospects along the funnel, build relationships at scale and get connected with the best leads every day to unlock the opportunities in your database.

Sort name: bid tracker
Capture auction bids live and report instantly.

Integrate Box+Dice with Bidtracker to capture meaningful property data in real-time. Record critical auction and private sale data, store auction bid sheets electronically ensuring, compliance and more.

Sort name: campaign agent
Make sure you have the capital you need.

Connect Box+Dice to Campaign Agent for effortless reconcilliation of all Campaign Agent transactions. Use VPAPay for greater flexibility when it comes to vendor payments and Smart Commissions for simple and cost effective commission funding with transparent terms.

Sort name: core logic
Leverage your data for maximum results.

Integrate Box+Dice with CoreLogic for advanced prospecting within your database. Get competitive intelligence and search and display properties from your own database and from Core Logic in real time without leaving Box+Dice.

Sort name: feefo
Get the inisght you need for your business.

Use Box+Dice with Feefo to Feefo to access to technology connects you directly with your customers. Campaign management, SMS, reviews, Net Promoter Scores, Facebook integration and more give you the tools and insight to build relationships and improve your brand reputation.

Sort name: list once
List your properties only once.

Use Box+Dice with ListOnce to take advantage of premium portal multiloading, dataflow solutions, website design, development, hosting and APIs, SEO, high traffic portals and more so you only ever need to list once while also listing more.

Sort name: live presso
Leverage your data for better customer stories.

Connect Box+Dice with LivePreso to automatically create perfect content for every customer experience. Improve relevance and increase control, consistency and visibility, for greater productivity, a better sales process and a better customer experience.

Sort name: plezzel
Create incredible customer journeys.

Use Plezzel with Box_Dice to access online lead management and marketing automation software. Send listing information to Plezzel direct from Box+Dice while also capturing all Plezzel enquiries in Box+Dice to create an incredible journey that works.

Sort name: property data
Get powerful marketing statistics.

Connect Box+Dice with Victoria’s leading property data provider to get the insights, statistics and advanced technology you need to showcase your expertise, empower your team and strengthen your brand 8.4m historial sales records and 3m sales results with photos and 96% of all weekly auction results.

Sort name: realtair
Boost your productivity.

Integrate Box+Dice with Realtair to instantly create customised pitches to your potential clients, activate your workflow and secure your bottom line with digital signing technology. prospect, appraise, list, market, manage, exchange and settle properties seamlessly and more.

Sort name: real time agent
Get a seamless point-of-sale solution.

Connect with Real Time Agent Athourities to ensure that you’re always compliant and never miss a signature again. Connect Real Time Contracts to digitise the contract process and automatically send a contracts to the vendor, agent and office at the click of a button.

Sort name: rita
Better, faster prospecting.

RiTA connects to Box+Dice to enhance your data with property data, market data and new leads, then generates consistent leads from your database using artificial intelligence while communicating with leads across multiple channels.

Sort name: spinify
Help your sales teams crush their targets.

Integrate Box+Dice with Spinify to provides staff and listing details to populate engaging leaderboards to help motivate your agents and teams. Use gamified competitions, celebrate achievements, collaborate and compete and more.

Sort name: testimonial tree
Collect feedback from your clients.

Integrate Box+Dice with Testimonia Tree to make it easy for you to collect authentic testimonials from your happy customers and automatically share the best stories online to attract new customers. Solutions include testimonial software, reviews, surveys and more.

Sort name: price finder
Leverage industry data for maximum results.

Integrate Box+Dice with PriceFinder for advanced prospecting within your database. Get competitive intelligence, search and display properties from your own database and PriceFinder, and import marketing insights in real-time without leaving Box+Dice.

Sort name: leadscope
Don't miss your next listing

LeadScope is an advanced sales tool that accelerates prospecting efforts by helping agents identify properties in their CRM that are likely to come to market within the next 12 months.

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Connect to any number of web portals to upload listings directly from within Box+Dice and collect leads in your Buyer Leads screen. Some of our standard portal feeds below.

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