Real estate CRM and business platform

for corporate networks and franchises

The Box+Dice platform has been designed to help any size of client from single agents all the way to national networks. In addition to all of the standard features and benefits aimed at any level of client, we also have numerous platform and service features specifically designed to help real estate franchises and office networks manage their offices, leverage their huge databases and get the custom support and features they need to expand their networks smoothly and effeciently.

Flexible & Scalable

Database Solutions

We belive in the power of a single, centralised database. To accomodate this, Box+Dice is able to search through millions of contacts in split seconds and deliver results without any delay so your agents and admins never waste time waiting for the platform.


For those clients who prefer to work with segregated databases, we’ve developed the strongest control features in the industry so you can segregate your data at the consultant, team, or office level, yet still see it as a single data set visible only to management.



For all our network clients, we work alongside your head office to develop an API or XML feed to your corporate reporting system. In addition, we offer fully-automated company reporting, so you always have clarity over your data.


On top of this, our reporting module lets you  create customisable business reports for all levels – from consultant performance, office reporting and financial reporting, all the way to franchise reporting. 

Complete & Efficient


Flexible integration is the foundation of what makes Box+Dice so powerful and ensures that Box+Dice will always work with new tools that come on the market. By serving as your centralised CRM and transaction hub and plugging into any number of essential applications, Box+Dice is your single source of truth for any transaction in your company.


Security & Protection

Box+Dice has the industry's most secure platform with a grade ‘A’ protection rating. Our security features include advanced security protocols that ensure that only authenticated and authorised users and accounts can access PII information; single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentification; staff access levels; and further security measures.


Development Service

All of our network clients get access to additional software development services and quarterly development meetings with our senior management and product team to assess potential personalised APIs and future integration partners that you may need.



In addition, we conduct regular focus groups with your champions to ensure our future product development is in line with your needs.

Fast & Effecient

Office Set-up & Roll-out

We’ve developed a scalable implementation and training plan that begins with prioritising the order of the offices to be rolled out and establishing the velocity of the roll-out.


In addition, we’ve developed a technological framework for  migrating your data that ensures minimal data loss and no business interruption – we can migrate an office to their new system in a few hours overnight so that they’re up and running the next morning.


Account Management

Once you’re set up and running, your dedicated account manager will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your Box+Dice platform at every level. This includes assisting you with any issues and implementing our data usage health checks


All our account managers come from a real estate and technology background and have an in-depth understanding of your business needs and how tech plays a pivotal role in helping your agents succeed.



You will work with your dedicated training manager organise all your agent and office training requirements.


We work with you to tailor each session to your specific needs using your data and business model to ensure that the training will penetrate. Your training manager will also organise dedicated webinars for new team members at various times throughout the  year and refreshers to ensure you get the most out of your  business, people and platform.

Data Usage

Health Checks

At Box+Dice, we obsess about the growth and success of our customers. To this end, we prepare data usage health checks that analyse how your users are using your system and provides recommendations for increasing productivity.


Using the report, you account manager will work with you to implement the recommendations and make sure your system usage is aligned with your business and data KPI's.

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